Whispers of the Body: Listening for Connection Within and Between Bodies – Contact Improv Workshop – March 7th & 8th


This workshop was cancelled due to COVID-19.

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We deepen our listening to our own body and connection to its center while expanding into connection with others through weight sharing, exploring structure and weight, navigating dance partnerships through invitations, responding, and by matching tone and pace.

This workshop can be taken stand alone, or as part of the Contact From the Ground Up Series or the Pathways from the Ground Up Trimester.


Saturday – 10am-1pm,  2:00pm-5:00pm

Sunday – Community Lab on Workshop Material – 2:30pm-5:30pm


Saturday: Earthaven Council Hall (~45 minute drive from town, get clear on directions in advance – no cell reception)
Sunday: Homewood – 19 Zilicoa Street, Asheville, NC

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Within this two day workshop we will build on foundations from which participants can begin feeling comfortable navigating partnerships in the context of contact improvisation. We will begin with connection to our primary dance partner – ourselves. From a place of internal listening we will journey into touch with other bodies, delving into the interplay between internal and external awareness, called “telescoping awareness”.

A foundational element to coming into contact is that of listening through our tactile sense. We will be exploring how to utilize our bodies and movements as tools for listening and expressing while relating to other bodies. The aim is to offer participants methods to communicate boundaries and offer invitations through a somatic channel.
Besides harnessing the powers of nonverbal communication we will also go deep into some foundational elements of weight sharing. Some such elements will be: finding and grounding into our own center, moving from the center, connecting to other’s centers, exploring structures and how weight transfers through structures, supporting weight sharing through connection to the floor, the pouring in and pouring out of weight, and more.
We hope that by combining exercises involving communicating with the body and exercises exploring weight sharing, that participants feel safe and empowered in their ability to explore contact with others while taking care of their personal needs.

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