CI Groundswell seeks to serve the South Eastern United State, and so only a list of known jams in the South East, within 6 hours of Asheville (and in Florida) are listed.

If you know of a jam that is not listed, please let me know with a link to their jam information and the contact information of the organizer!

Don’t have a Jam in your area, but want one!? Check out the Facilitator’s Cohort and find out about how you can help cultivate CI community in your locale!

Looking for Multi-Day Jams, Gatherings and Regional Workshops? Check out this list of recommendations!

Please check out ciglobalcalendar.net for other jam and workshop listings.


Asheville Jam – Saturday and Wednesday Jams

AshevilleJam.com hosts regular weekly jams on Saturdays ~4-6pm and Wednesday from 7:30pm to ~9pm. Check out the website for more information: www.ashevillejam.com