Contact From the Ground up - CI Fundamentals Series

Contact Improvisation Series

​Contact from the Ground up is a 8 class contact improvisation fundamentals series split into four quarters exploring concepts, principles, skills and practices integral to the practice of Contact Improvisation.

Through September 30th

Collective Effervesence: Contact Improv Retreat

September 22th – 24th

Gather for the first Contact Improvisation Retreat at Dreaming Stone’s new dance space and retreat center in the mountains of WNC with special teaching artist, Brad Stoller.

We will relinquish the small self and unlock healing with theatrical play, authentic movement, and most of all – Contact Improvisation!

About CI Groundswell

CI Groundswell aims to support the individual and community practice of Contact Improvisation in the Southeastern United States by offering workshops, developing communities of practice, and supporting contact improvisation communities and facilitators through skill building and sharing and development of resources.