CI Facilitator Cohort

The Facilitator’s Cohort is an annual program to support and cultivate Contact Improvisation facilitators.

The Facilitator’s Cohort is an add-on module for the Contact from the Ground up series and includes extra in person workshops (generally co-scheduled on the workshop weekends. either Friday or Sunday), extra remote gatherings (via video calling), additional assignments and learning, and one-on-one support.

The facilitator’s cohort suitable for anyone who is a facilitator for or would love to start a contact improvisation community in their city, or who would love to deepen their capacity for supporting and holding space for the practice of contact improvisation.

Pre-requisite: Attending the Contact from the Ground up Series OR an exemption

Pricing: Sliding Scale $400-800 based on need/ability, with full and partial scholarships available
$25 non-refundable application fee

How to apply: Application online soon!

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Contact improvisation is ultimately a fundamentally peer based practice that springs from each individual’s wealth of presence, experience and knowledge. However, because some participants will have mixed experience with movement, be very new to the practice of contact improvisation, improvisational practices, somatic practices, etc. and/or may struggle to step into their own quality of knowing, the Facilitator Cohort offers a very structured format full of information and clear practices (facilitated by CJ O’Reilly). Still, this cohort works toward a peer ethic and practice. The facilitator will bring and share significant written material, experience, and in-person facilitation and instruction, and structure, however, within that structure, participants will from the start also be asked to share from their own rich experience and background. As the cohort progresses, and depending on the readiness and willingness of the participants, everyone will be called into facilitation roles as well, within a continued container of rich reflection and feedback.


Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Exploring the practice and spirit of Contact Improvisation
  • CI skills for physical and emotional safety
  • Holding jam spaces
  • Jam Guidelines
  • Community Organizing and decision making
  • Inclusivity in Contact Improvisation: creating safer spaces in the face of privilege gradients created by race, gender, ability, etc.
  • Cultivating healthy community spaces

Schedule & Attendance

All participants are expected to attend all sessions unless other arrangements are made.

  • In-person Cohort Labs in Asheville – scheduled around the Contact from the Ground up series. (likely on a Friday or Sunday of the given weekend, specifics TBA)
      • February 22nd & 23rd
      • March 7th & 8th
      • April – skipped for workshop with Daniel Bear Davis
      • May – 2nd & 3rd
      • June 27th & 28th
      • July – 18th & 19th
      • August – 15th & 16th
      • Sept – 12th & 13th
      • Oct – 3rd & 4th
      • Nov – 14th & 15th
  • Remote Cohort Discussion – online via video chat (or phone) between sessions (specific schedule TBA)
  • one-on-one support – depending on the needs of the individual this may include one-on-one CI dance sessions, discussion and consults, or support in your home dance community

If you are not within some hours of the Asheville area and therefor not able to attend in person, but your are interested in joining the CI Facilitator’s Cohort remotely, please apply and explain your situation in the application, we may be able two work something out.

Additional information

Sliding Scale

Application Fee $25, Sign up for Cohort – $400-800 sliding scale