CI Fundamentals Workshops – Spring 2023


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Early Bird Registration for April 8th ends April 1st

While not a requirement, these two workshops go together and it’s suggested to take both. Likewise, they are good preparation for the CI from the Ground Up Series.

Select your price below. Pay up the sliding scale by choosing a per-workshop or drop-in price to support scholarships and the teachers.

These two workshops are a spring series, but you can get a reduced price of $30 per workshop by pre-registering for the CI Fundamentals Series that starts this summer at the same time! To receive the Series Discount, register for both the workshops and the series at the same time and the discount will be automatically applied. You cannot receive the Series Discount on these workshops if you do not signup for both at once.

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The Improvisational Mind

March 11th, 2023 12-3pm

In this workshop we’ll introduce and practice key skills of awareness for dancing contact improvisation.

We’ll explore:

  • physical practices which help us connect with presence in the context of improvisational dance
  • awareness of our own body and its sense and capacities, especially sensing our quality of tone
  • deepening awareness of the dance space
  • understanding our center of gravity
  • tracking the center of gravity of others
  • cultivating our relationship with the floor, including practicing falling into the floor

Consent, Sharing Weight and Lifts in CI

April 8th, 2023 12-3pm

In this workshop we’ll explore models for consent, weight sharing and lifts in contact improvisation

We’ll introduce and practice:

  • cultivating our relationship with the floor, including practicing falling into the floor
  • models for nonverbal consent in Contact improvisation
  • fundamentals of sharing weight
  • fundamentals of lifting in CI including:
    • creating platforms and invitations
    • taking invitations and exploring platforms
    • coming out of lifts

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Sliding Scale

Both Workshops Discount @ Dual Workshop Early Bird – $100, Both Workshops @ Per-Workshop Early Bird Price – $120, Both Workshops @ Per-Workshop Drop-in Price – $150, Single Workshop only Early Bird – $60, Single Workshop only Drop-in – $75