Dancing Reflexive: Meeting Our First Dance Partner and Re-Writing Stories of ‘Dance’ – Contact Improv Workshop – Feb 22nd and 23rd


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We re-member, re-meet, and re-discover our first dance partner: ourselves.

In this workshop we explore the foundation for your movement, exploration, expression, safety, and… your dance.

in a process of re-discovery, we question and discover – through movement, somatic and language – our relationship to dance, the limits of our movement, and where we find excitement and curiosity. This creates a foundation for listening and communication, for self knowledge, self care, communication of boundaries, and for your dance.

This workshop explores concepts and movement explorations integral to the practice of Contact Improvisation, done largely with one’s self in a group. It includes personal and group exploration of concepts and ideas around dance through discussion and movement. In addition to solo movement, there will be partnered and group movement work.


Saturday – 10am-1pm,  2:00pm-5:00pm

Sunday – Community Lab on Workshop Material – 2:30pm-5:30pm


Saturday: Earthaven Council Hall (~45 minute drive from town, get clear on directions in advance – no cell reception)
Sunday: Everland Community Space in West Asheville

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re·​flex·​ive | \ ri-ˈflek-siv  \


1adirected or turned back on itself
— also overtly and usually ironically reflecting conventions of genre or formreflexive novel
bmarked by or capable of reflection REFLECTIVE
2of, relating to, characterized by, or being a relation that exists between an entity and itselfthe relation “is equal to” is reflexive but the relation “is the father of” is not
3of, relating to, or constituting an action (as in “he perjured himself”) directed back on the agent or the grammatical subject
4characterized by habitual and unthinking behavior

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